39 Martin Place
Lead Brand Design
Lead Motion Design
Martin Place is Sydney’s cultural, commercial and financial hub. 
The state government have started a new Metro project, opening new stations across Sydney and the wider state of New South Wales.
After the demolishment of a key property on Martin Place to make way for the new Metro station, there was opportunity to build a new tower on the land above the Metro station.
This new building would be opposite the iconic and well established 50 Martin Place.
The architectural design principles of 39 Martin Place reflecting 50 Martin Place.
This new tower, originally called ‘South Tower’ is an exciting project to create a new landmark in Sydney.
It will house:
– A new high speed metro station
– A communal food hall
– An office tower 
All of which help create a connected experience for Sydney’s workers.
There was opportunity to create a name and visual identity system for this new building.
The identity concept explores the tension between the old and new, past and present.
This matches the actual design idea of 39 Martin Place which is a modern reflection of the iconic 50 Martin Place.
This is both a reflection of our past and a visionary response into the future. 

Bespoke patterns based on the window design

Colour palette inspired by the architecture

Macquarie Group

Brand Design + Motion Design
Andy Lawrence-Levy
Additional Brand Design
Alex Dalmau
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