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Motion Design
Motion Principles

The challenge

Following a new corporate design launched in 2012 DW needed to integrate its news offerings (TV, online and mobile) in order to create an integrated brand experience.
The solution

Our creative strategy was DW: making the world a smaller place, with a creative solution that accentuates the myriad relationships between people and places. 
Working closely with the internal DW team Red Bee produced titles, stings, studio backgrounds and a full infographics system with a solution that is modern, clear and timeless. Capitalising on the bold colours and distinctive typography from the corporate design DW now has a system of infographics that speak a common visual language across all media.
Stings for weather, arts & culture, business and sports.
Countdown sequence
Red Bee Creative

Deutsche Welle

Creative Direction
Ian Wormleighton
Design Direction
Natalie Kaaserer

Motion Design: Title sequence 
David Farquharson
Motion Design: Stings & Animation principles
Andy Lawrence-Levy
Mark Hardman
Alex Rofailia

Set Design
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