Andy Lawrence-Levy
is a Brand Design Director
I have experience at top branding agencies, tech companies, and broadcasters. My strength lies in creating robust brand design systems. I am skilled in developing brand identities that are not only visually appealing but also flexible and adaptable across digital, print and broadcast and both in motion and in static form. 
Using a motion-led and strategy-led approach, I work closely with clients to create a comprehensive brand identity toolkit that includes logo, typography, graphic devices, and illustration design. I ensure that each element of the toolkit is designed with flexibility and adaptability in mind, allowing the brand to evolve over time while maintaining its visual consistency. 
My expertise in motion design also allows me to bring an added dimension to the brand identity, enhancing its personality and positioning and ensuring that everything moves with meaning. From immersion to implementation, I am committed to creating brand design systems that are both visually compelling and strategically sound.

Senior Brand Designer
Google [via ASG]

Available for FL/FT 

Brand Design Director /
Senior Brand Designer 
Full working rights in the
United States & United Kingdom
—  Google
—  Moving Brands
—  Superunion
—  FutureBrand
—  Frost* Design
—  Interbrand
—  BBC
—  Sky
—  Thinkfarm
—  Red Bee Creative
—  Turquoise Branding
Selected clients

—  Vodafone
—  General Motors
—  BBC
—  Sky
—  Macquarie
—  Football Marketing Asia
—  NEX
—  SBS
Awarded projects

Transform Awards, Europe 2018
– Best brand architecture solution

– Best financial services visual identity

– Best brand implementation project
Transform Awards, ANZ 2020
–Best brand architecture solution

AGDA Awards 2018
– Identity / Large Business

PromaxBDA ANZ 2017
– Best Branding

– Best Logo Design 
Creativepool 2016 Annual
Finalist Nominee for Branding Award
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