Brand Identity Design
Motion Design
Google Developer Studio

Tflex, formerly TFX, allows you to create production machine learning pipelines. 
ML pipelines automate the workflow it takes to produce a machine learning model. It starts with ingesting your data and flowing through data validation, feature engineering, training, evaluating and serving.

TFX, a sub-brand of TensorFlow wanted to transition to a separate entity from the main TensorFlow brand. 
With a new name of Tflex, the Google Developer Studio team were given the opportunity to create a new brand system that helped to create a fresh and distinct identity .
The solution
The concept behind the Tflex identity was based around the idea of Go with the flow, linking to the automation of workflow, pipelines and flowing through data validation. 
The design system plays on this idea by using flowing shapes and geometry, representing process, flow and movement.

Tflex / TFX 

Creative Direction
Rick Murphy

Brand Design / Motion Design
Andy Lawrence-Levy

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