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Vodafone are known for their phone and data plans and technology, but the truth is, it is humanity that drives their business forward.

With the global pandemic raising so many questions for tech brands, it has highlighted the leading role that we need to play.

Vodafone's new positioning – Together we can – reflects their belief that, when working together, humanity and technology can find the answers and create a better future for all their customers.
The solution
The core iconic assets of red, the logo and the Speechmark have been given a new and exciting role within Vodafone's communications, helping to create a more progressive and modern identity, reflecting the positive and purpose driven direction in which the business is heading.

The human spirit is what drives Vodafone forward and creates progress in the world.

The brand identity is designed to respond and adapt to demonstrate the power of the human spirit.
We created a bespoke generator tool to help push the ability to make every piece of communication adaptable.
Living Speechmark

Introducing, the Living Speechmark.
Responsive. Adaptive. Intuitive.
Generator Tool 
We've created an innovative tool that runs directly in any browser without plugins. This tool enables hundreds of creatives and marketers worldwide to generate in seconds animated or static brand assets that would take them days and without the need to read guidelines or know anything about technology. 
Living Patterns
Dynamic ways to give a home to Vodafone's physical products.
Living Spotlights
Dynamic ways to give a home to Vodafone's physical products.
Living Type
Bringing the human spirit into our messaging.
Giving our visual assets a greater role and purpose in demonstrating the power of the human spirit. 

Creative Direction
Tom Dance
Design Direction
Piers Komlosy

Brand Design / Motion Design
Andy Lawrence-Levy
Brand Design
Leanne Kitchen
Ryan Ras
Web Generator Tool
João Seabra
Additional Motion Design
Andrew Niven
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