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YASO's rebranding from Kuai Commerce to its current name and visual identity was a significant step in its startup journey from pre-seed to IPO. 
The company's decision to change its name and visual identity was driven by several factors, including legal and practical considerations. 
However, the most important reason for the rebrand was to communicate the company's strength in technology and its ability to operate in both China and the UK to its target audience of High Growth D2C brand owners more effectively.
YASO's new name and visual identity were carefully crafted to represent the company's aspirations and set its sights high from the outset. In fact, YASO is available as a NASDAQ ticker, reflecting the company's ambition and growth potential.


The rebrand has also enabled YASO to showcase its turnkey market entry and acceleration services, including brand strategy and consulting, social media marketing and management, e-commerce platform integration, customer support, payment processing, logistics, and fulfillment. YASO's unique co-funded, revenue-share model mitigates risk and maximizes reward for brands, with a focus on long-term partnerships.
For beauty brands looking to enter the Chinese market, YASO is an ideal partner. With YASO's help, brands can reach Gen Z consumers, build relationships with key influencers, and scale their businesses quickly and effectively. By leveraging YASO's technology and expertise in China and the UK, beauty brands can expand their reach, increase brand awareness, and drive sales.
The solution
YASO's new visual identity centers around a unique and ownable Y symbol. The symbol is not only distinctive but also representative of the company's values and aspirations, including a focus on partnership, bridging the gap between the western and eastern markets, staying at the forefront of innovation, fostering incubation, and delivering success. 
These key themes are woven into the wider brand design system, which draws inspiration from the Y symbol to create a cohesive and impactful graphic language. In addition, YASO's choice of a distinct color palette that is unique to the beauty and personal care market helps the brand stand out and reinforces its position as a leader in this space. 
Through its new visual identity, YASO has created a strong and memorable brand that is not only reflective of its core values but also serves as a powerful tool for attracting and retaining clients.


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